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07 mai 2019




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16 avril 2019



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1)         Fritzi asked her father why he did not believe in her.

2)         She asked him if it mattered that she was a girl.

3)          She wanted to know = she asked what he would do if she went to NY the day after.

4)         She said she could not stay there in Chicago because it was too small.

5)         She told him not to take her for a little girl, because she felt independent (now).

6)         Joe said he wanted her to do as he told her.

7)         He ordered her to listen to him when he was speaking.

8)         He explained that a young girl her age should not live in NY all by herself.

9)         He asked her why she had already bought her train ticket.

10)                  He wanted to know if she could tell him why she had bought her ticket the day before.

11)                  Joe told Carl he knew he could trust him.

12)                  He asked him if he could tell his sister that life was not a game.

13)                  He asked Carl if he would tell him if there was something wrong in Detroit.

14)                  He said he had been waiting for him to take the reins of the brewery.

15)                  He wanted to know if he would have liked to stay with his sister in NY for a few weeks.

1)         Jack ordered the queen not to take too much time because the palace had to be evacuated before the day after.

2)         Jack told the Prince he hoped they / he would enjoy their / his new status.

3)         Jack explained to the new pomlice director he wanted him to tell him everything they would do the week after .

4)         Jack told the Royals that what they had done to his country was unforgiveable, and that it was time for them to pay.

5)         The Prince asked jack if he would let them organize their belongings as they wished.

6)         The prince asked his mother if she was feeling well because she had not slept very much recently.

7)         The prince asked Jack if he realized how cruel he was.

8)         The queen explained to her son she had never seen anybody so crazy in her whole life and she added that that man must have eaten mad cow.

9)         The queen told her son not to worry because everything would be fine, as the people would not abandon them.

10)           Charles’ s wife asked Jack if she should give her jewels to the British Museum.

11)           The press asked the government if they were going to decapitate them as the French had two hundred years before.

12)           The people wanted to know if the government could guarantee them that the royals would never come back.

13)           Charles’s wife asked Jack if he could take her out to dinner now that he was the most important man in their country.

14)           Jack’s mother told him she did not want him to forget to visit her when his timetable made it possible.

15)           The minister of justice asked the PM if he really wanted to execute everybody who was not opposed to monarchy.

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09 avril 2019


Test on "Plans", parts 4, 5 & 6.

Describe and analyze Joe's reaction to Fritzi's plans. Take a special interest in his movements and positions, in his views on New York City and acting, in his remarks on women's place in society.

Do not use all the elements of the lessons, be synthetic, choose what you think is essential. Write between 300 and 350 words.

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02 avril 2019



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31 mars 2019




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Here's How to Decide If It's Time to Change Jobs

Changing jobs can lead to a lot of good things. Better pay, better title, better location, but changing jobs too frequently can cause you to appear disloyal, and not worth the time and money to hire and train. So, what’s the right balance, how frequently should you change jobs and when is the best time to do it? First thing to consider here is your personal life. You can’t ever change jobs without looking at the bigger picture. What’s going on at home? Do you have big changes going on that you’ll need to attend to? It’s imperative to make sure the timing is right on the home front before you make any decisions. Next, consider emotional and relational factors. What are your relationships like at work, do you agree with the company’s direction, the company’s values, how important are these factors to you? These choices are all highly personal and you’ll need to decide for yourself how significant they are to you. Once you have evaluated all the personal elements that will factor into a change, now you can start to think more in terms of strategy, beginning with tenure. How long have you held your current position? Have you been there long enough, or too long? It typically takes about three years to master your specific job, and after that point, learning tends to slow, so after around three years, you should consider either moving up or moving on. But bear in mind, that’s just a guideline, not a rule. Do you still feel like you’re learning in your role or do you feel like you’ve learnt most of what you can and would get more out of tackling something new? 1.30.



I'm moving to China for a better job

Unlike most job seekers, it took only weeks for 27 year-old Tina Sawaya to find a teaching job. The catch: the job is in Shangai. It’s a move she’s eager to make since she currently juggles a teaching job and waiting tables to make ends meet. In China, I’ll be making about $2,000(US), the cost of living is about $300 a month, they provide me with health insurance which is huge right now also. Sawaya started teaching two years ago, something she always wanted to do. She had been working as an investment manager but when the economy soured and her work load grew without more pay, she switched careers. Now she finds herself in a profession scaled back by budgets cuts in cities and states across the US. Years ago, when I started thinking about teaching abroad, it was equal to the US, it was like, OK, I’m doing well in the US and I can do the same thing in China, now, it’s a better opportunity to go abroad. And she’s not alone: the company that hired Tina, “English First”, reports a 3% increase in applications. A similar recruiter, “Reach to Teach”, says it’s seeing more applicants in positions for China, Taiwan and South Korea. It’s difficult to say just how many American are seeking work overseas since there are no hard numbers. Anecdotally, some recruiting firms report seeing an increase in executives and managers looking east, particularly towards China. 1.32.


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29 mars 2019


Locations and forms of power: the power of advertising.


During our work on the notion “locations and forms of power”, we focused on the power of advertising, we tried to understand how much influence it has on our habits as consumers. Nowadays, advertising is everywhere in our consumer society, it is in the traditional media, in the new social media, in the street, there is practically no place in our lives which is not affected by advertising. The question is to know what kind of effect this massive presence has on our consuming habits.

So we studied a wide range of different documents such as images, cartoons, charts and even quotes that we found on the web.

The first document is a chart published in December 2017 in the website “MarketingCharts.com”. American consumers were asked to say which advertising media they trusted the most and which one had the most influence / was the most influential in their purchasing habits. 60% of the people declared that TV and video advertising was the most trusted and the most influential in their lives, which means that 60% of US consumers declare that they believe what advertising tells them and that consequently, they accept to buy the product that is advertised. On the contrary, only 38 % of Americans considered social media advertising as trustworthy, and about the same proportion declared this type of advertising directly influenced them. It is difficult to know exactly what can explain these differences but in class, we all agreed to say that most TV viewers are people of the older generations whereas most social media followers belong to the younger generations. The idea is that maybe, older people are more attached to traditional means of communication and they believe what they see a bit more easily than the younger generations who are probably a little more critical of the system and of the advertising they see on the social media.

The other forms of advertising mentioned in the chart were print ads, online ads, out-of-home ads (that is to say advertising billboards on the street or on the road), and radio ads. Interestingly, if we look at the average for all these different media, only 47.5% of the people find them trustworthy and only 42% find them influential which is surprising considering the vast amounts of money spent by companies to convince people to buy their production (in 2007 for example, spending on advertising in the USA was estimated at more than $ 150 bn, so it must be a lot more today).

It seems that the majority of Americans do not trust advertising and this is what we realized when we studied a very funny cartoon, composed of two boxes. The scene takes place at a car dealer called “Andy’s Motors” and there is a billboard claiming that all cars are reduced. So we can see a young man who represents the average consumer and who decides to take a look at these cars, hoping that he will be given a good price, that he will make a good bargain. Unfortunately, for him, the second box of the cartoon shows the cars and to his surprise the cars are actually reduced, not their price but their size, they are the size of toys. Next to them, there is a man who seems to be the manager of the car dealership. It’s funny because he is wearing sunglasses, he is making a strange smile and he is rubbing his hands. These details show us that the cartoonist wanted him to symbolize the fact that advertising is generally considered as misleading by a majority of consumers.

In the same vein, we saw a sort of “anti ad ad”, divided in two parts. In the upper part entitled “advertising”, there is a splendid burger with nice round buns, fresh salad, shiny red tomatoes and a beautiful slice of cheddar cheese, not to mention the juicy beef meat in the middle, it really makes your mouth water. In the lower part, entitled “reality” we are a looking at a puny hamburger, the bread is flat and partly torn apart, it looks stale and we hardly see any meat inside.

So all things considered, I think advertising is necessary for businesses to let people know about the products they are selling, but in my opinion, advertising should be more objective, less sensational. For example, when we watch ads for cars, we have the impression that the car is something that is going to change not only our life but also our personality, whereas it is just something to move from point A to point B. But again, that is just a matter of opinion.

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25 mars 2019



At line 11, after Fritzi says that she is going to New York, Joe tries to guess what she is going to do there and asks « You're going to shop ? » because for him, women are only good to go shopping. He implicitly shows his conception of women's role in society, that is to say a role which consists in spending men’s hard-earned money (l’argent durement gagné par les hommes). At line 24 Joe says « Let's discuss this reasonably ». When he says that, he implicitly means that Fritzi isn't reasonable or mature. It also means that for Joe, women can't have a healthy conversation. Then at line 27, Joe says « Permit me to disagree. It isn't healthy for a girl your age to venture to New York ». He calls Fritzy a "girl" showing that for him, Fritzy is still his little girl and even if she is 25 years old she will never be mature enough to make her own choices and to have a serious conversation. Besides at line 30 when he talks about his son who is younger than Fritzy, he says « Carl is a man, it makes a difference ». That proves that age doesn't matter to him, it's the gender that is important, because men can manage to live their lives correctly and women need men to live. Finally at lines 42-43, Joe says « I want the best for you. A husband. A home. Children. » confirming that for him a woman can't live without a husband and that they only need to take care of the home and the children. In this text, Joe is a caricature of a white powerful man. For him, women's place in society is below man's place.

Logan, Adam, Léo.

RAPPEL DST Mardi 2/4 sur les parties 4, 5 & 6.

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