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22 mai 2018


Yesterday afternoon, my friend Karen and I went over to a barbecue with friends. As we were eating “Wurst” sausages, she started telling me that she did not like the way she looked and wanted to have to have a nose job and Botox injections in her cheeks.

“Are you out of your mind, you can’t be serious!!! You don’t need that; you’re beautiful as you are.”

“You’re lying, take a closer look and tell me my nose is not the size of long island!”

“What if you don’t like what they did to your face? I’ve heard of that woman who lost her nose and now she looks like Voldemort, she lost her job and her husband left! Are you sure about this?”

“Got you! I was pulling your leg! For one thing, I can’t afford it and second, I’m the most beautiful girl in the world!”

“Yes, right…” 150 words

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18 mai 2018




Advertising consists in promoting a product to increase its sales. In our consumer’s society, advertising is everywhere.  Does this massive presence mean that I am influenced by advertising in my choices as a consumer?

Sometimes, when we have enough money and when we really need something from a professional or personal point of view, we are more likely to be tempted. For example, if I really need a pair of new sneakers because mine are all worn out, and if I chance upon an ad on some media, I will be interested.

On the contrary, if I do not need the latest pick up truck or cell phone because I do not have the money or I already have one, no ad would ever make me stop at a car dealer or at an apple store.

As a conclusion, I will say that the extent to which advertising influences me depends on how much / how badly I need the product or the service.

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17 mai 2018


Yesterday afternoon after cheerleading practice, my friend Karen and I went over to a barbecue with friends. As we were eating Wurst sausages, she started telling that she did not like the way she looked and wanted to have cosmetic surgery / to have a nose job and botox injections in her cheeks.

“Are you out of your mind, you can’t be serious!!!


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14 mai 2018


Advertising Techniques : Visual Merchandising Tips


Advertising techniques: visual merchandising tips. Hi (…) tips. When thinking about visual merchandising tips, you have to think about the appearance, the impact of the product, of the service – if you wanna see it that way – that we’re promoting. Merchandising is usually used in store, so we can think about a supermarket. If we are a brand that is available in a supermarket, we have a special promotion, then of course it’s in our interest that our brand, our product is easily accessible, is easily visible, and most important of all, its impact from an interest thing. What does that mean? It means really, what’s in it for me as a consumer, what’s interesting, what’s different, what’s on offer, what is special about it? Really, in terms of the impact, the visualness of the product, we’re talking about again, the actual image, the design, the packaging of our product or our service, how does it stand out, are the colors vibrant enough, do the colors replicate the meaning of what we’re offering? And what’s more, is the merchandising promotion, is the merchandising stand, is somebody actually gonna walk past that bin, or are they gonna reach in and grab whatever it is we’re offering?

Advertising Techniques : Why Do Companies Use Logos?


Hi my name is Mark and we’re gonna discuss why companies use logos. Logos are a form of basic identity, they are a way in which a company differentiates itself from its competitors, to stand out, to be different. Company logo is a corporate form of branding. Branding is the identity of the company. And this can be found through many ways. The logo is the physical form of a company, its moral standing, its views, its motto. The logo incorporates all of its visual, spiritual, social foundations. A company uses sound, uses color, images; it uses all sorts of way in which you can identify with that organizational brand. That’s why companies use logos. So, ok, a company uses a logo as an expression of its identity. It uses symbols, colors, sounds, any which way it can create an impact on the target audience, on the customer, on you. And the symbol, within that logo is the way which identifies who and what it stands for. Colors, sounds, symbols, images, they are all there to create the company identity.

CORRIGE en FRANCAIS: Dans cet enregistrement, Mark se présente et annonce qu'il va expliquer pourquoi les entreprises ont recours à un logo. Le logo est une forme d'identité de base, c'est pour l'entreprise un moyen de se distinguer de la concurrence, de se démarquer, d'être différent. Le logo d'entreprise, c'est comme une marque internationale. Cela se retrouve de plusieurs façons. Le logo c'est la forme physique de la société, c'est sa valeur morale, ses opinions, son slogan. Le logo intègre toutes les bases visuelles, sociales et spirituelles de l'entreprise. Une entreprise utilise un son, des couleurs, des images, toutes sortes de techniques qui nous permettent d'identifier sa marque. Voilà pourquoi les logos sont utilisés par les entreprises. Donc, une entreprise voit le logo comme expression de son identité. Elle a recours à des symboles, des couleurs et des sons, tout ce qui peut avoir un impact sur le public cible, sur le client, sur nous en fait. Et à l'intérieur du logo, le symbole sert à identifier qui elle représente et quoi elle représente. A la fin il répète que les sons, les images, les couleurs ainsi que les symboles sont là pour créer l'identité de la société, de l'entreprise. 

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10 mai 2018

1L lele


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07 mai 2018


Advertising Techniques : Impact of Photography on Advertising

Hi my name is Mark. We’re here to discuss how photography impacts on advertising. Photography as a tool has been used for over 100 years now, as a measn of collecting or archiving information. In modern-day advertising, photography is used as a method of communicating something and usually, something that is real, an image that’s been used is collected in the past. For example if we look at images, black and white versus color, what does it say to us? Black and white could be creative, artistic, as obviously color is available, why not use color? Color could be used to emphasize the specific element of a holiday for example, if it’s bright, if it’s colorful, a product, a service, whatever it happens to be. But we use photography, also, as a way of exchanging views and ideas, and also using for example real happening moments in politics, celebrities, history, things that have happened. We’re using them as a tool in which to communicate a specific message. Obviously advertising is a very powerful tool as it communicates to what we call blanket or broadcast volumes of people, numbers, millions of people, in which case, the message needs to be very impactful. (1-21)

RAPPEL: lundi 14/5 test de Compréhension Orale, précédé d'un dernier document d'entraînement.

Vendredi 11/5: cours en B301 salle informatique

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13 avril 2018


Career Choices for Teens - Tip 2, Play to your Strengths

(0.50) Playing to your strengths. What do you think this means? What it means is find out what you’re good at. And do what you’re good at. How many of you have had this experience: you come home from school with your report and guess what, you’ve got an A for history, and you’ve got a B for English, but you also got a D for biology and an E for accountancy. What do your parents say? They probably say that you need to work more on your biology and accountancy, right? They may even send you to extra lessons. While it’s important for you to work hard and do well in all of your subjects in school, playing to your strengths is about finding out what subjects you’re good at, the subjects that you’re passionate about, and then the ones that you’ve enjoyed the most. So if biology and accounting are not your thing, and clearly you’re great at English and history, then concentrate on the careers where English and history are important. Don’t go and do the accounting degree even if your father wants you to do it. Go and do the English and history degree. Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was 4 years old and his parents didn’t say to him, when he was 12 “wow Tiger, you’re so good at golf, you’re such a good sportsman, maybe you should also try basketball.” No, he was so good at golf so he focused on the golf and now he is the best golfer in the world. Some of you may already know what you’re good at. And some of you are still discovering what you’re good at and that’s what your teens and twenties is all about. (2.19)

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10 avril 2018


On her golden jubilee in 2002, a special medal was coined. We can read inscriptions in Latin and Queen Elizabeth riding a horse from the side. These aspects are direct references to traditions and history. Kings and queens used to have portraits of themselves made representing them riding a horse to evoke their military power. The Latin remind us of the Romans’ domination of Britain 2,000 years ago.

The problem with tradition is that it refers to the past so it can’t be very modern. We saw different documents that show how Queen Elizabeth mixes modernity and tradition which can be the reason why she is so popular. For example, we saw portraits of her by Banksi and Andy Warhol, which give the impression that monarchy is something modern. Indeed the colors are punchy, vivid and flashy, which breaks the rules of traditional austerity.

There are also t-shirts, which represent the Queen in front of the Union Jack with the caption “Long may she reign”. The t-shirt embodies modernity whereas the caption goes back to/dates back to medieval England.

Clearly, the queen is very popular, as if she was a star. However, there is a dark side to it in the sense that she’s involved in tax evasion. She may not be the queen of the people. (509 words)

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09 avril 2018


Concerning the evolution of her popularity rates over the past thirty years, In March 1998 she reached a record low because she showed no particular emotion when princess Diana died. She was blamed by the nation for her lack of empathy.

At the fiftieth anniversary of her reign, she started being popular again and her popularity literally rocketed for her sixtieth anniversary in the summer of 2012.

Those commemorations are respectively called “Golden Jubilee” and “Diamond Jubilee”.

“Gold” does not oxidize/rust and “Diamond” is unbreakable, it is the hardest stone, it symbolize how precious the British monarchy is and how resistant it can be to the test of time.


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06 avril 2018


When Dr. Copeland was young, medical education was almost only for whites so, for a black person, becoming a doctor / physician was wonderful accomplishment. It means that if the conditions were less difficult, if there were fewer obstacles, there would be a lot more / many more black doctors.  Potential and success are not a question / matter of skin-color, but a matter of determination, hard work and will-power. (574 words)

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