Advertising Techniques : Impact of Photography on Advertising

Hi my name is Mark. We’re here to discuss how photography impacts on advertising. Photography as a tool has been used for over 100 years now, as a measn of collecting or archiving information. In modern-day advertising, photography is used as a method of communicating something and usually, something that is real, an image that’s been used is collected in the past. For example if we look at images, black and white versus color, what does it say to us? Black and white could be creative, artistic, as obviously color is available, why not use color? Color could be used to emphasize the specific element of a holiday for example, if it’s bright, if it’s colorful, a product, a service, whatever it happens to be. But we use photography, also, as a way of exchanging views and ideas, and also using for example real happening moments in politics, celebrities, history, things that have happened. We’re using them as a tool in which to communicate a specific message. Obviously advertising is a very powerful tool as it communicates to what we call blanket or broadcast volumes of people, numbers, millions of people, in which case, the message needs to be very impactful. (1-21)

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