On her golden jubilee in 2002, a special medal was coined. We can read inscriptions in Latin and Queen Elizabeth riding a horse from the side. These aspects are direct references to traditions and history. Kings and queens used to have portraits of themselves made representing them riding a horse to evoke their military power. The Latin remind us of the Romans’ domination of Britain 2,000 years ago.

The problem with tradition is that it refers to the past so it can’t be very modern. We saw different documents that show how Queen Elizabeth mixes modernity and tradition which can be the reason why she is so popular. For example, we saw portraits of her by Banksi and Andy Warhol, which give the impression that monarchy is something modern. Indeed the colors are punchy, vivid and flashy, which breaks the rules of traditional austerity.

There are also t-shirts, which represent the Queen in front of the Union Jack with the caption “Long may she reign”. The t-shirt embodies modernity whereas the caption goes back to/dates back to medieval England.

Clearly, the queen is very popular, as if she was a star. However, there is a dark side to it in the sense that she’s involved in tax evasion. She may not be the queen of the people. (509 words)