Concerning weapons / As for weapons, he uses his “iron pen” as a knife or a dagger, instead of writing, he stabs the Monk in the hand. Iron is a symbol of power, of force. Ambrosio must feel trapped, he has no other choice but to sign the “parchment” or “fatal contract”. This is another aspect of Lucifer’s power, his pacts are unbreakable, if you sign them, it’s for eternity, you will always belong to him, there is no coming back, your fate is sealed!! The power of Lucifer’s word is infinite. Last but not least, Lucifer has the power to fool /betray / cheat / deceive (!! deception, deceit) people who are tempted to believe in his lies / people who yield to temptation.

All of these powers lead the reader to view Lucifer not only as a mighty creature but also as a frightening being.

2) Lucifer is portrayed as an awe-inspiring (frightening) creature.

Obviously / Needless to say, Lucifer’s strength and size are enough to make anyone run away from him. Then, the expression “all that ugliness” makes the reader think that he is the ugliest creature in the universe and that his ugliness has no limits inside or outside.