Last notion, Myths and Heroes, the case of Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II started her reign in 1952 at the age of 25. She surpasses her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria as monarch with the longest reign in English history with 66 years in October. It shows that symbolically, she is immortal. It means that many British subjects were born, grew up, lived and died with the same Queen. More importantly, it is a source of national pride in the sense that monarchy seems to be invincible. 

As opposed to/unlike her predecessors she has no political power. Her power is only ceremonial and formal, with real political power exercised by elected politicians, such as the Prime Minister and the members of Parliament. For example, ceremonial powers include her role in sporting events like when she opened the 2012 London Olympic Games, or official commemorations…

Politically speaking, she is the one who appoints the Prime Minister by giving her “royal consent”. It looks like a privilege but she has no choice. She must appoint the leader/head of the party with the majority in Parliament.