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Tahir Lee - Dr. Russell Anderson - African American Icons III

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Dr R. A. was one of our early pioneers here in Leon County. Dr A overcame racial segregation by attaining an education. He received his degree in biological science in 1928 followed by a Masters in 1930 and his PhD in 1933. He came from the North, but once he migrated to Tallahassee, he opened the first medical clinic, one of the first medical clinics that were here in Tallahassee. In his autobiography, he talks about being the first African American to get a PhD from the Department of Science at the University of Pittsburg. A huge accomplishment. He was also one of the founders of the Florida A&M University Hospital and as such was the first medical director. In 1956, the hospital was the only public medical facility for blacks within 150 miles. By 1957, Dr Anderson founded the Anderson Brickler medical clinic with his son-in-law. He built the Anderson clinic on South Adams Street, which still stands today and the important thing about it is that his legacy is being continued by his son-in-law, his grandson and his granddaughter. During Dr A’s time at Florida A&M University Hospital, health facilities in Leon County were still segregated. We had TMH hospital but blacks could not go there, for services, nor could any black doctor practice at TMH.  93 seconds 


“Dr Daniel Hale Williams, the first black doctor “   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ0OzKig0aU

Dr Williams was the first person to successfully operate on the human heart. He is the father of black surgery. His medical innovation in heart surgery in 1893 paved the way for modern advances and techniques currently used by surgeons worldwide. However, in many modern medical history books, his name and his accomplishments are missing. Dr Williams succeeded in an era when many whites, and even some blacks, didn’t believe a hospital serving the needs of black people was needed. Against tremendous obstacles, his determination and talent established a foundation for quality black medical care to move forward on. For years, operations on the human heart were not performed by doctors because of the great risk to a person’s life. That was until 1893 when a black doctor made medical history by performing the first successful operation on the human heart. (…) 1.28 Daniel Williams was born January 18th, 1856 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. He was the fifth child of Sarah Price Williams and Daniel Williams Junior. His father was a barber and owned real-estate, which made it possible to provide his family a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.