ANNONCE: DST lundi 5 mars sur la première fiche d'activités sur le texte "Plans", (Questions 1,2,3 a, b, c, d) ainsi que sur le vocabulaire du texte et des leçons. Consultez le blog pour récupérer le cours si vous avez été absent aux derniers cours en 1/2 groupes.

Groupe du jeudi, suite et fin du travail à réviser:


2)In this passage, the two characters disagree. They do not have the same opinion about Fritzi’s plans. She wants to live in New York and work in the theater. She may / must want to be an actress. Joe does not want Fritzi to go to NY because in his opinion, she is too young and NY is dangerous. Moreover, according to him, working in the theatre is unstable.


3) a) Lines 1 and 2, she repeats the word “plans” in a short sentence, she wants to insist on the importance of her decision, and on her ambition, on her determination to succeed. She wants Joe to understand her motivation.


b) Generally, a plan is more precise than a project. With a project, you explain your goal, your objective but with a plan, you explain every step of your strategy.


c) When she says “I want” instead of “I would like”, she shows her character, her authority, she shows how authoritarian she is. She is a little / slightly aggressive with him, she anticipates the conflict and the disagreement of her father but she doesn’t care.


d) Line 9, she uses the present instead of the future because in her head, she is already in NY, no matter what her dad says / whatever her dad says.