ACTIVITY 1. Group 2 (Friday)

1)           This extract is entitled “Plans”, it comes from a book named American Dreams, published / written in nineteen ninety-eight (1998) by John Jakes. The action takes place / occurs / is set in Chicago in the beginning of the twentieth (20th) century, one hundred years ago. The main characters are Fritzi and her father Joe Crown. They are German immigrants = they have German origins; their ancestors came to America from Germany. Joe Crown works in the fabrication of beer.

2)           Fritzi is 25, she wants to tell her father that she would like to go to NY to live and work there in Broadway.  But her father doesn’t agree with her idea because he thinks she is too young and NY is dangerous. For Joe / in Joe’s opinion / according to Joe, the place of a woman is in the house to cook for her husband and her children.

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