I)              The unlimited power of the sheriff.

a)                     His gestures, his face, his eyes.

When the Doctors asks him where the judge’s office is located, the sheriff “jerks his thumb”, it’s a symbol of authority and power because he gives him an order without speaking, a simple gesture is enough to dictate his will. The text says that the doctor recognizes the sheriff just with his face, not with a star or a hat or a uniform. His face is the face of a powerful man. (lines 6 & 10).

Later in the story, the sheriff “winks” at his friends to make fun of / to laugh at the doctor. He makes a link with his white colleagues, they form a group, and that’s what makes them stronger and more powerful, all the more so as the doctor is alone. It’s a little different when we read that the sheriff keeps “watching” the Doctor, as if he was controlling him. Moreover, the doctor is sitting whereas the sheriff is standing, it’s a position of inferiority for the doctor. All things considered, there are signs of power in the sheriff’s gestures, in his face, in his eyes and in his posture.

b)                    His language.