Part 3, teacher's correction.

Shakespeare touches more than theatre-lovers. 

In a short video we learnt that according to some linguists, there are 1,700 words used in modern English that were invented by Shakespeare, for example, such expressions as "fair play" or "gossip" appeared for the first time in his works. So when somebody says these words, they are directly influenced by Shakespeare, they speak like him but also, consciously or not, they think like him. One doesn't have to be a specialist of Shakespeare.

The influence of Shakespeare touches not only literature, it touches all the facets of modern global culture in so far as (in the sense that) it's a worldwide influence.

His plays have been adapted by the greatest film makers and actors like Orson Welles, Or Leonardo Di Caprio, by the greatest classical composers such as Verdi or Tchaikovsky or Berlioz, by some rock stars like Lou Reed, even by the Disney Studios with the Lion King, a re-writing of Hamlet. More surprising, all his plays can be found in their manga version and some of them, like "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for instance, are used in commercials / ads for television.  He touches every generation, young and old, and every social category, from the most brilliant erudite or scholars to the people with an average or lower education. Honestly, it's hard to find an author with the same universal influence.