Part 5

The first two back-covers (1969 and 2000) present Gatsby’s parties as being “glittering” and seemingly endless”. The glitter evokes the perfection of a lavish, dream-like life but as the famous proverb goes, all that glitters is not gold, meaning that this kind of existence is just an illusion, or a “shimmering surface”, as the 2011 edition says. There may be nothing really sparkling behind the “façade”. In the same way, the endless party is a bit of a myth, it’s the party many people dream of, but it just doesn’t exist, except maybe in Gatsby’s fantasy world.

Teacher's correction.

On the back-cover of the 2000 edition, Gatsby is described as a « young, handsome and fabulously rich ». He is the archetype of the Prince Charming who is going to save Daisy. Indeed, if we look closer to the word « fabulous » it is repeated three times, so it’s very important. Interestingly, the word comes from Latin 'fabula' which means a supernatural story from a legend. Consequently, we can deduce that it's impossible to be that rich, except in a myth, as if his wealth had no limit in terms of time and quantity.



The last document, the 2011 back-cover, insists on the fact that Gatsby has accumulated all his wealth with only one thing in mind, namely to reconquer Daisy Fay. Even though the concept of massive fortune doesn’t necessarily evoke romanticism at first sight, the fact that Gatsby’s sole motivation is love and not greed makes him a true romantic hero, the typical Prince Charming as we said before. He loves Daisy, he makes lots of money and he tries to use it to save her from Tom who has incredible amounts of money too, but who doesn’t really care for his wife and doesn’t know the first thing about passion and romance.

The other interesting idea in this back-cover is that they explain only “few people” could recognize Gatsby if they saw him. To a degree, Gatsby is like those super-heroes who can’t be identified without their mask or their suit, his mask and suit being represented by his fortune. Gatsby is a billionaire super-hero who hides his true identity and all his secrets behind his fortune but one might say that he is the only super-hero who fails in the end.

Teacher's correction.