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Jane Crossley works for Jay-Wing, a company were people are teleworking. In fact, nearly all the employees work at home. The only staff member who doesn't (work at home) is Claire Willy, the receptionist. 
The company, specialized in (whose line of business is = dont le secteur d’activité est) the decryption of computer data, was founded by Martin Boddy, a man who once worked (used to work) in an office and (used) to take public transports every day. So he wanted to change his situation, to break free fro  m the rules of office life, from repeating the routine of commuting day in and day out, as well as from the formal dress code imposed by his former bosses. That’s why he decided to found this company, where employees are not controlled and enjoy a lot of freedom, so they have more responsibilities, which allows them to solve problems with more autonomy, and maybe more easily.

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The article raises the question of the difficulty to find the balance between controlling people - not only employees but also pupils or children - and giving them freedom. As a parent the problem is that if you give them too much liberty they won't know what responsibilities are and if you are too authoritarian with them they won't grow up normally and start to rebel
As a teacher your pupils will not study, will be too noisy and disrespectful if they are too free, but they will not be interested in your lessons if you don't give them freedom to be creative on other occasions
And as an employee with too much liberty people won’t work as much as they can and without freedom they will be overwhelmed by stress.

Jean-raphael, with Arnaud