In class we studied an article from The Huffington Post France by Jean Baptiste-Duval which is entitled "What Does Brexit Mean For French Citizens in the UK?» and published the 24th of June 2016. This article deals with the risk of Brexit for the French citizens who live in England, because they can lose their various rights, their right to residence, or their employment, access to public services or to education. 
At the beginning of the text, we learn that one day before Brexit was voted, a few French people came to London by eurostar with croissants the they offered to English people. In every croissant, there were messages against Brexit and in favor of the preservation of the European Union. 
The initiative failed because people voted for Brexit, now the French expatriates are afraid or confused and they don't know what will happen. When Brexit was voted, the majority of the French were afraid for their future life in that country which will certainly be in trouble after the choice to go out of the European Union.


Mini intro: the text evokes the Eurostar but there are many ways to go to Britain from France. There is the airplane, the eurostar of course, the ferry or the Eurotunnel. The quickest way is to take the airplane. But it is also the most expensive and it isn't the most comfortable.
The eurostar is efficient but there are many delays, especially if there’s a problem in the tunnel!! The airplane has delays as well and particularly in the evening. The ferry is slow but comfortable. It allows you to take a break and to have a look at the sea which can be a pleasant change. But you have to drive to the coast and that is a bigger risk. Indeed car accidents happen all the time, not to mention that after, you have to drive in England!! The problem with the plane is not only the price, you must go to the airport then get back from the airport, it can be long whereas with the Eurostar you go from town center to town center. Literally all you have to do is getting on the train then getting off the train. It's easy.
So all things considered (tout bien considéré) every means of transportation has its upsides and downsides. They only depend on how much time you have and if you don't like one way. Someone that's scared of the plane will prefer taking the Eurostar or the ferry.

Pauline, with Alice, Solène, and Samy