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Irish Defence Forces participate in US Civil War Commemorations

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The defense forces have sent soldiers to the US to represent Ireland during commemorations for the 150thanniversary of the American civil war. The events happened in Fredericksburg, in Virginia, where hundreds of members of the Irish brigade of the Union army were killed. A century and a half later they gathered to remember one of the bloodiest set pieces of the American civil war, the battle of Fredericksburg. It was a fight in which Irish immigrants played a crucial role on both sides. The defense forces sent a delegation to honor the occasion and they flew the Irish flag in the parade and mingled with the crowds. This is where the fighting Irish came from, these twelve hundred men who sacrificed everything and bought into their new country and I think it changed the course of their history. The change in the way the Irish were perceived is one of the main themes of the commemorations. Honestly, the Irish, when they came here during and after the great famine were not well received in this country and one of the things that came out of the civil war, what the Irish Brigade did here in Fredericksburg in 1862 was (to) begin to change that attitude through their sacrifice, that Irishmen were giving up their lives and making great sacrifice to basically restore the Nation as we know it. (1.27)

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