Concerning the notion Spaces and Exchanges, we saw an article of the international Herald Tribune, dated March 2011 by Thomas Fuller. This text deals with working from home, in other words teleworking, as opposed to working in an office. On the one hand, there are a lot of upsides, but there are also lots of downsides on the other hand. A journalist interviewed Jane Crossley, a home worker living in the countryside, in a Georgian farmhouse. Jane is living in the Welsh countryside; she can see fields out of the window of her office, simply because her office and her house are the same place! That is one of the advantages of working and living in the countryside: Enjoying the calm of nature. Moreover when she wants a pause and when she feels tired and bored she can do her favorite hobbies, such as horseback riding or just relax. Besides, she can spend more time with her husband or her children. By the way, Jane's husband works in an office, in the city and even if he understands the fact that Jane can work at home, he thinks that she should take care of the house, wash the dishes at the same time as her work because she is always in the house.

TOPIC: (mini introduction toujours nécessaire)

The journalist says that sometimes, Jane needs a break from too many e-mails and phone calls, so the question is to know how too many communication technologies can ruin our privacy.

We can imagine that technologies can ruin privacy because of the time they take off our free time, for example we can spend more time on our devices instead of staying with our family. Age doesn't matter because one can be addicted to some social networks at ten years old as well as at sixty years old. The consequences can be very bad for our own privacy; we can be blamed for not being present for some people who care about us. So they could think that we don't care about them whereas we do, but we just can't bear / stand being away from our phone or our laptop. Plus if you become a social network addict you may take some risks with the sharing of your personal data. We are never careful enough; big companies are watching our internet habits.

(j’ai supprimé tout ce qui n’était pas directement lié au problème posé par l’invasion technologique de notre espace privé)

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