In this poem there are stressed and unstressed syllables. Stressed syllables are symbolized by an X contrary to unstressed syllables which are symbolized by an O. When you put O and X together it forms an iambic meter, this iambic meter is almost everywhere in the poem so it creates a constant regular rhythm. 
There are 3 exceptions in this poem: firstly the adjective “happy” in the title attracts the attention of the readers because the accentuation is the contrary of the iambic meter, secondly the fact that at verses 2 and 3 the words "He who" are repeated and stressed accentuates the power of this man and the fact that he is unique, finally the expression "Not Heaven" does not respect the iambic structure, so it insists on the fact heaven has no power and it makes the message not only more visible but also more audible.

Aminata (with Inès & Shelby)

Rappel DS "Happy the Man" jeudi 5/10