In this poem there is a very simple rhyme structure: aa/bb, it means it is simple to be happy.
Moreover, there are very soft sounds which remind us of serenity, security, calm etc… 
There are other rhymes in this poem  and they can be found inside the lines, they are not only at the end. Again, it suggests pleasure and the happiness are inside our heart, our mind and our soul.
Sometimes, the poem is not only composed of pleasant sounds, in verses 6 and 7 there are 3 strong consonants: [ p ], [ st ], and [ f ]. This passage is about the past, heaven and fate. As they are negative notions, it’s more logic for the poet to describe these notions with unpleasant and aggressive sounds. There is one exception: the past. This time, the superiority of the past is illustrated with the strong letter [p].

Coralie (with Leina and Gaetan)

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