24 mars 2018


Travail de vendredi 23/3 (groupe du jeudi inversé)

Fin activité 2:

j) Fritzi wants to be a modern woman whereas Joe is not very modern, his mindset / point of view is something that existed a very long time ago. For him, Fritzi’s education should be like in Germany in the past. His conception of woman’s role is to pray God, to cook for the family and to educate the children. Fritzi disagrees.

 Activity n°3, Thursday group

a)”Please do” and “smiling” mean that / prove that / show that / reveal that Joe is happy, ready to listen. He wants to encourage Fritzi to express herself. Joe is in a positive mindset, he is open-minded. He may imagine Fritzi’s plan is to found / start a family and to get married.

b) The position of his hands and of his legs suggests that he is relaxed and in the position of the boss. He thinks that he has the total control of the situation. He does not anticipate the disagreement of Fritzi.

c) His ‘’little paunch’’ is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, he has all he wants which means/ in other words, He has professional success, power, good health, and an obedient daughter with a very good education.

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16 mars 2018


Activity N°2, Friday group

e) Line the verb “to live” has two different meanings. First / first of all / on the one hand, she just wants to spend the rest of her life in NYC. Secondly / on the other hand, it means NYC is the opportunity for her to live her life freely. If she stays in Chicago, something will die in her mind, she will have no life. If she wants to survive, she needs to follow her heart and to fulfill her dreams / to make her dreams come true.

f) If she becomes an actress / a comedian, she will be anyone she wants to be, when you play a role, you become a new person, with a new life. If she becomes a costume designer, she can give free rein to her imagination to create her own style and the most beautiful dresses.

g) In NYC and in the world, Broadway was, is and will always be the world capital of theatre. The most important shows in the world are performed in Broadway; it’s the place to be.

h) Line 23, she says she bought her ticket “Wednesday” and line 36 she says she is “just informing” him. She just wants to be polite; her father’s opinion is the least of her concerns.

i) For Fritzi, if her father lets Carl go to Detroit without any specific professional plan, why not her? It is unfair.


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16 février 2018



3) a) In the beginning, she repeats the word “plans” because she wants to insist on her ambition for the future. Her father is neither deaf nor stupid / crazy, she repeats the word because she just /only wants to convince him.

 b) The word “plan” is stronger than the word “project” because a plan means something prepared with precision whereas a project is just an idea. With a plan, you explain the different steps of your idea. She wants to prove she is organized, mature, autonomous and serious.

c) In the same way, when she says “I want” instead of “I would like”, it’s stronger, she has decided to move to NY and she will go, with or without her father’s permission, nothing or no one can stop her.

d) Line 9,she uses the present to make  Joe understand she is confident. We have the impression she doesn’t care about his opinion, it’s as if she was already on the way to Manhattan. In her mind, she is already there.

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15 février 2018


ANNONCE: DST lundi 5 mars sur la première fiche d'activités sur le texte "Plans", (Questions 1,2,3 a, b, c, d) ainsi que sur le vocabulaire du texte et des leçons. Consultez le blog pour récupérer le cours si vous avez été absent aux derniers cours en 1/2 groupes.

Groupe du jeudi, suite et fin du travail à réviser:


2)In this passage, the two characters disagree. They do not have the same opinion about Fritzi’s plans. She wants to live in New York and work in the theater. She may / must want to be an actress. Joe does not want Fritzi to go to NY because in his opinion, she is too young and NY is dangerous. Moreover, according to him, working in the theatre is unstable.


3) a) Lines 1 and 2, she repeats the word “plans” in a short sentence, she wants to insist on the importance of her decision, and on her ambition, on her determination to succeed. She wants Joe to understand her motivation.


b) Generally, a plan is more precise than a project. With a project, you explain your goal, your objective but with a plan, you explain every step of your strategy.


c) When she says “I want” instead of “I would like”, she shows her character, her authority, she shows how authoritarian she is. She is a little / slightly aggressive with him, she anticipates the conflict and the disagreement of her father but she doesn’t care.


d) Line 9, she uses the present instead of the future because in her head, she is already in NY, no matter what her dad says / whatever her dad says.


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09 février 2018


ACTIVITY 1. Group 2 (Friday)

1)           This extract is entitled “Plans”, it comes from a book named American Dreams, published / written in nineteen ninety-eight (1998) by John Jakes. The action takes place / occurs / is set in Chicago in the beginning of the twentieth (20th) century, one hundred years ago. The main characters are Fritzi and her father Joe Crown. They are German immigrants = they have German origins; their ancestors came to America from Germany. Joe Crown works in the fabrication of beer.

2)           Fritzi is 25, she wants to tell her father that she would like to go to NY to live and work there in Broadway.  But her father doesn’t agree with her idea because he thinks she is too young and NY is dangerous. For Joe / in Joe’s opinion / according to Joe, the place of a woman is in the house to cook for her husband and her children.

3)           a)

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08 février 2018



Activity N°1, group 1 (jeudi)

ACTIVITY 1. Group 1

1) This document is a text entitled « Plans », extracted from « American Dreams », a novel written by John Jakes in 1998. The action takes place in the city of Chicago, in the beginning of the 20th century. The main characters are Fritzi and her Father Joe Crown. They have German origins. Joe owns a company which makes beer.


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25 janvier 2018



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16 décembre 2017


Final activity on "the little drummer boy", last paragraph.


a) I would like to know who was General Grant, and who was the commanding general of the confederate army? 

b) Can you please tell me how things are going during the war for the south and for the north? 

c) I would like to know the symbolic interpretation of the comparison between starlight and his ex master during their final fight? 

d) Can you tell me please the difference between describing Starlight and describing starlight’s bayonet? 


a) General Grant was the general in chief of the Union army and the commanding general of the confederate army was Robert E. Lee.

b) The north was winning the war because General Grant “terrified and confused” the south. Clearly, the confederate soldiers were afraid and they didn’t know what to do. The Union had more advanced weapons and now they had the help of the emancipated slaves.

c) Starlight killed his ex master even if (même si) he was smaller than Colonel Billy. It’s the same thing in the story of David and Goliath. Determination and courage are stronger than physical force.

d)When the narrator describes the bayonet instead of (au lieu de)describing Starlight himself, we have the impression that the bayonet is magic, it is alive, maybe it is animated by the spirit of freedom, by the spirit of the boy.

Charles, with Sarah Inès & Assia

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11 décembre 2017



a. He felt happy and satisfied because the Union soldiers are good and nice with him. They gave him an important role in the company, and the most important is that they gave him a name, an existence, an identity. He was treated like a real person, not like a slave.
b. In his bones, he's not completely free if Cunnel Billy, his ex-master is still alive, so he wants to kill him to become free. Logically, he is free, the Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery but maybe it’s just a piece of paper for him.
c. The historic character mentioned in the passage is the President of the U.S.A: Abraham Lincoln and the historic decision is the Proclamation of Emancipation signed in 1863.
d. The new name of the boy is Starlight.
"Starlight" designates hope: there is always a little light of hope in the darkness.
It also designates the light which comes from the sky and from the stars: they shine in the dark sky. They are good for orientation; they help us to find the way to freedom and to victory. Stars represent distance, maybe it represents the fact that Starlight comes from a distant continent, Africa.
Finally, the fact of receiving a name refers to a religious ritual: it's the connection with god, with the light of God.

Elizabeth, with Eliot, Louis & Andrea


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05 décembre 2017


Activity n°3, paragraph 2.


a) Can you please tell me, how did the boy feel with the Union soldiers and what was the attitude of the soldiers with / towards him?

b) I would like to know the boy’s personal vision of the idea of true freedom.

c) Can you please tell me the historic character and the historic decision mentioned in the passage?

d) I would like to know the name that the soldiers gave to the little boy and in your opinion, the symbolic interpretations of this name.

Bintou, with Eva & Oumou

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