10 mai 2018

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05 avril 2018

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2) Lucifer is portrayed as an awe-inspiring (frightening) creature.

Obviously / Needless to say, Lucifer’s strength and size are enough to make anyone run away from him. Then, the expression “all that ugliness” makes the reader think that he is the ugliest creature in the universe and that his ugliness has no limits inside or outside.


By succeeding in influencing / corrupting / perverting the soul of Ambrosio, a “model of piety” , an example of religious virtue, Lucifer proves that God’s power has limits, that His protection can be broken. No human soul is safe, everyone can fall, and that is very frightening indeed…


Début texte suivant:"The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus", Christopher Marlowe.

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04 avril 2018

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Concerning weapons / As for weapons, he uses his “iron pen” as a knife or a dagger, instead of writing, he stabs the Monk in the hand. Iron is a symbol of power, of force. Ambrosio must feel trapped, he has no other choice but to sign the “parchment” or “fatal contract”. This is another aspect of Lucifer’s power, his pacts are unbreakable, if you sign them, it’s for eternity, you will always belong to him, there is no coming back, your fate is sealed!! The power of Lucifer’s word is infinite. Last but not least, Lucifer has the power to fool /betray / cheat / deceive (!! deception, deceit) people who are tempted to believe in his lies / people who yield to temptation.

All of these powers lead the reader to view Lucifer not only as a mighty creature but also as a frightening being.

2) Lucifer is portrayed as an awe-inspiring (frightening) creature.

Obviously / Needless to say, Lucifer’s strength and size are enough to make anyone run away from him. Then, the expression “all that ugliness” makes the reader think that he is the ugliest creature in the universe and that his ugliness has no limits inside or outside.

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03 avril 2018

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His "swarthy darkness" line 5 suggests that Lucifer is darker than dark, he is a powerful being, he is stronger than the laws of nature. His blackness has no limits, the darkness of his body and the darkness of his soul can't be equaled / can't be matched / have no equal. In the same way, the burst is heard before the light is seen, he can reverse the laws of physics, his powers are supernatural. He also has the power to control snakes, to tame wild animals. Of course, the text doesn't speak about nice rabbits, it speaks about snakes which represent evil.

Incidentally, this being said, even if he did not have any supernatural powers, his mere physical appearance would be enough to make him invincible, for example with his "enormous wings" or his "armed hands and feet".

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28 mars 2018

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1) Lucifer is represented as a powerful being.

Right from the start, the reader understands that Lucifer has the power to control nature. For example, he uses the “whirlwinds” for his movements, for his transportation. He can provoke “thunder” and “lightning”, he can cause earthquakes that “shake” the ground. In other words, his intentions are clearly destructive, not creative, all he wants is the destruction of the world, or “the dissolution of nature” line 10, a sort of apocalypse. Moreover, the “thunder” is so loud that it can be heard by everybody on the planet, as the absence of precision suggests in the expression “a loud burst of thunder was heard”.

His "swarthy darkness" line 5 ...

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13 mars 2018

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New Theme: the various representations of the Devil in English literature.

Text 1: "The Monk"

I)                    Summary of the passage

Lucifer comes to Ambrosio and offers him a contract. If he signs it, his soul will belong to the Devil for eternity but he will have the power to live his life as he wishes / pleases. He signs with an iron pen filled with his own blood. In the end, Lucifer reveals he does not have any intention to honor his part of the contract…

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07 mars 2018

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Documents used for the next theme:






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01 février 2018

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Commentary: the two lovers are the perfect couple, eternal lovers, they complete each other perfectly.

The words “rough” and “smooth” are two opposites, we cannot explain one without speaking about the other so one cannot exist without the other, it’s the same with profane and holy. Moreover, smooth is for Juliet and roughness is for Romeo, when they kiss, roughness becomes smoothness/softness, so they become similar, they become one, they are not different anymore, so they complete each other.

Then Romeo mentions his “unworthiest hand” whereas Juliet tells him his hand is all right, here they complete each other in the sense that they while he is debasing himself, she praises him.

The expression “palm to palm” is perfectly symmetric when we read it, just as the combination “not move / move not”, as if the words were before a mirror. On the stage, when the actors touch hands or kiss, it’s as they were one person before a mirror. Concerning the rhythm of the title “Romeo and Juliet”, it’s symmetric too, it suggests perfect balance and complementarity.

When Shakespeare wrote the play, he based his story on ancient myths as well as on Italian tales, as if the couple and their forbidden love story had always existed.

The poem swarms with religious metaphors. For example, Romeo is the sinner and the pilgrim, while Juliet is both the temptress and the source of Romeo’s redemption. It’s another illustration of how they complete each other. Starting verses 15-16, Juliet becomes the sinner and then she suggests Romeo kiss her to “take her sin” away from her lips. The roles are reversed but they still complete each other. Moreover, she is encouraging to kiss her again and again, as if the kissing game was eternal. In the same way, her final remark is an encouragement for him to kiss her again.

The first 14 verses of the passage compose a perfect sonnet that R and J share. They have the same number of replies and they share the last verse. As far as rhymes are concerned, the words used by one lover are repeated by the other, creating an echo effect, that is to say the repetitions of the words spoken by only one person, which is confirmed by the numerous repetitions.


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23 janvier 2018

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Romeo and Juliet - Act 1, Scene 5 . OUR TEXT = from 4.49 to 7.00.

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17 janvier 2018

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A brief summary of Romeo and Juliet.

This tragedy by Shakespeare was written around 1595. The action takes place in Italy, in Verona during the Renaissance. The story is about two rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Their fights create so much violence in the streets of Verona that the Prince declares that acts of violence will now be punished by death. When Romeo and Juliet fall in love they get married in secret. Then, her cousin Tybalt fights Romeo and his friend Mercutio, who is killed. Romeo then kills Tybalt and must prepare to escape from Verona. Juliet is heart-broken, not to mention that she must marry another man, a count. Romeo and Juliet spend their last night together and Romeo escapes, then Juliet thinks and finds a plan: she will drink a special preparation which is going to fake her death. So she will not get married to the count and Romeo will come back for her. The problem is that Romeo is not informed in time. For him, Juliet is really dead thus he drinks poison and dies next to Juliet. When she wakes up from her fake death, she sees him and stabs herself.

Written by Aminata, with the help of the class.

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